The gardens

An amazing garden to take a stroll, recharge, contemplate and find inspiration...

When we acquired this estate in June 2013, the 3-ha gardens had been abandoned for decades. Nature had reclaimed its rights, certainly giving the place a wild charm, but also enclosing it behind thick walls of brambles and burying it under a pile of fallen trees and rubbish left by intruders and the previous owners.

Since then, the floral colors are slowly coming alive again between the centuries-old trees. Nature is much more patient than us humans, because it takes its time; she teaches us the art of contemplation and living the present moment. So, with courage and serenity, our small hands restore stone by stone the fallen walls, paint the old benches blue, plant young shrubs with promising scents and draw, day by day, the future of nature in this garden.

In fact, these are gardens within a garden where it is good to sit at any time of day or night in summer, where the Autan wind, when it is mild, offers us its sublime caresses and where the golden light illuminates the colors and teases the shadows.

It took us years of passionate hard work to achieve today's result. But a garden never stops changing; it is nature's gift to create itself.

We invite you to take full advantage of our magnificent park, to take a stroll there, to recharge your batteries, to draw your inspiration from it and to find your child's soul there.

Get a taste of your future garden walks through the 2 slideshows below...


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Une découverte d’un lieu de caractère, surprenant, à l’ambiance unique, des hôtes passionnants ...
Un lieu unique, sorte de havre de paix où le temps pourrait s’arrêter. A découvrir d’urgence. Des hôtes tout aussi passionnants que le site, le jardin, l’ambiance ...

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Bravo pour offrir l'accès à un endroit si calme et si plaisant.
Vous réalisez un parc magnifique de diversité et de variétés.
Merci également de votre accueil respectueux et bienveillant.

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Il y a des lieux magiques au hasard des routes qui nous permettent de nous reposer, le corps et l'esprit.
Merci beaucoup.

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Emilie - FR