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If you like to walk...

Whatever your preferences, your mood or the available time, the whole region has a wide variety of rambles and hikes to offer.

Several hiking maps are available for you to wander off near the Château or further afield.

Whether you prefer natural or heritage sites... or a bit of both, the Tarn region can deliver the goods.

Not to be missed...

Dourgne & The capelette de Saint-Ferréol

12 km
As you leave the little town of Dourgne, follow in the footsteps of the 3 saints native of Dourgne and walk through the Baylou the chapel of Saint-Macaire, then further on to the Rock of Saint-Stapin to end up at the "desert" and chapel of Saint-Ferréol... a breathtaking panorama!

Hautpoul & the Mazamet footbridge

5 km
Walk through the medieval village of Hautpoul - one of the Tarn department's remaining fortified Cathar strongholds -, then cross the unique 70m-high Mazamet footbridge, clinging to its rocky outcrop and overlookikgn the entire city and valley of the Thoré... a truly stunning panorama!

Granit Rock formations in the Sidobre Mountains

A variety of walking tours
Numerous paths in the area enable the visitor to wonder at the many incredible natural rock formations, but also see the Saut de la truite waterfall, the Lac du merle as well as the medieval village of Burlats as well as the granit murals of the church at Lacrouzette.

Lac de Saint-Ferréol, Gouffre de Malamort, Durfort & Les Cammazes

 19 km
From the shores of Lac de Saint-Ferréol, one of the streams feeding the famous Canal du Midi, through the Rigole de Vauban (Vauban's rill) and on to Les Cammazes then Durfort and its copper museum, past and present merge into one another.

... not to forget the other tours

A large selection of rambles and hikes are available to those who like to walk, both in the south Tarn area as well as in the neighbouring departments of Haute-Garonne and Aude.

Around here, nature is at its best, and the locals still take the time to enjoy the simple things in life.

For more hiking opportunities, may we suggest you visit the Tarn Tourist Office website (see below) or the more local Office de Tourisme Terres d'Autant - Montagne Noire at

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