The Domain

The park

Take the time for a stroll in the renaissance of a 3-hectare park. Since 2013, the various colours of blooming flowers slowly take their place again among the centenarian trees. Nature is so much more patient than humans, because it takes all the time it needs; Nature teaches us again the art of contemplation and of living the present moment. Then, with courage and resolve, our little hands restore the fallen walls stone by stone, they give a new colour to the old window shutters et draw, day by day the rebirth of nature in this garden.

Here, there are gardens within a garden, where it feels good to just sit down at any hour of the day or during a midsummer night, where when the warm Autan wind, when it blows softly, gives us its sweet caress and where the golden light glow makes all the colours glow and teases the shadows.